Thursday, March 10, 2011


I live for my "weekends"--Thursdays & Fridays. They are the light at the end of the tunnel! They help me pick myself up and pull through the puddles of sameness otherwise known as my work week.
My weekend began when I got off work yesterday afternoon. Called Aaron after work & he had decided to go to Colorado very last minute. Helped him pack and he hit the road shortly after midnight. He usually gets a very grumpy & exhausted version of me during the week, so him leaving right as my free time began was disappointing.
Got crappy sleep. Ran some errands and in the midst of it, my car started doing something funky. Thought maybe I had acquired a flat tire, but it all checked out. Kept driving and the noise grew and grew, finally sounding like a giant's fist came bursting up through the ground and was punching my car in the belly. Repeatedly. Yeah, that bad. Thank goodness for dads. Dad to the rescue. Keep Travis the Escort in your thoughts.

Speaking of Dad and awesomeness, mine sent me these pictures. In high school he was ranked 3rd in the nation for shotput. Stud.
Maybe I'll take my misfortune as a sign that today is for relaxing and taking 'er easy. Sounds totally doable.

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