Friday, March 4, 2011


1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is "brr-ito". It mean that you're cold! Inherited this phrase from my lovely sister & it has now wormed its way into everyday conversations with Aaron. Ha!

2. Today I am thankful for SO many things. Long conversations with my dad over lunch, my new macbook pro (madonna), my boyfriend for saving me from the bird that snuck into my apartment (& is now hiding in the wall somewhere...??), and the ability to laugh when things go wrong (i.e.-aaron's flat tire). Eventful day.

3. My best friend(s) is/are awe-some. I am lucky to have a close-knit group of girls that are all so different, so wonderful, and absolutely irreplaceable.

4. A quirky thing about me is that I only like to go to 1 gas station. I have anxiety about going to unfamiliar gas stations. I have a lot of weird anxieties, in fact. Ah, well.

5. This weekend I will work my tail off. Such is the life of a waitress.

6. Something that worries me is the bird in the wall. I mean...really?

7. On my night stand you would find my cell phone, a glass of water, a lamp, and my most current read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Having a hard time putting it down.

Well folks, Friday means the end of my "weekend" & the beginning of the work week. Excited to figure out the ins & outs of my new toy. TGIF--Hope you all find time to relax & enjoy!

Note: Pretty stone walls doubling as bird hiding spots. Not awesome.


  1. In regards to number 4, there were talking escalators in Japan. Dave was scared of them. I suspect they would freak you out too. ;)

  2. haha that sounds terrible!!!!!