Thursday, February 10, 2011

rise & grind

I have been trying & trying to get myself to clean this room of mine. It's a hot mess. Instead, I've done everything but! I curled my hair, I found some new music, I wrote some snail mail to friends, and I talked to my roomie from the road. At least I have tomorrow off of work also, so maybe...just maybe, I can reserve Friday morning for some productivity. Here's what I'm workin' with (ahh!!!):

I went to the gym again yesterday! 3 days in a row. Woot!!! I even went completely solo and it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought. And I got a compliment on my high knees form, ha. I'm taking the day off today to let my body recover--my back is all sorts of sore, but I'm back at it today. In fact, I woke up before 8 so I could eat breakfast before class...what has gotten into me?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have a guilty pleasure that I'd like to share: watching vintage super 8 videography. Try searching "8mm wedding" on Vimeo. I might, possibly, occassionally, sometimes shed a tear or 2 due to this romantic eye candy & as a bonus: the music is pretty awesome too.

In other awesomeness, I got the new OPI Katy Perry Black Shatter nail polish and I think I'm in love. The store I bought it from said that their first shipment sold out in 2 hours! I can see why. I, for one, certainly geeked out. So close to the weekend. Happy Thursday!


  1. haha my room is that messy too

  2. I'm the same way about procrastinating, only with homework instead of housework. You can always tell when I have a paper due because my house will be spotless, hair will be done, and hell, I'll even shave my legs to postpone paper-writing as long as possible.
    As for the nail polish... Jealous! Apparently all of Utah is sold out of Shatter. I pre-odered a bottle of that and Teenage Dream when I was out last weekend :)